Bertram Group Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Update

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the UK, Bertram Group have a dedicated Incident Team who meet regularly to review the Company’s Business Continuity Plan so we are well-prepared with measures in place to minimise the risks to our business enabling us to continue to maintain our service levels should the situation escalate and we need to work remotely. The well-being of our staff and partners is our main priority whilst maintaining business as usual.


We have assessed working practices to identify alternative ways of working.  We have appropriate measures in place for a worst-case scenario with flexibility so that we can adapt to accordingly to change as part of our contingency planning, while maintaining our service levels.   Measures we have taken include: –


  • Establishing a proactive Incident Team, comprising of our IT, Facilities and HR teams working closely together
  • Actively engaged with our Agency Labour provider who can provide support in the event of high levels of absence related to the virus occurring and during peak times
  • Supporting the Public Health England advice provided by the UK Government, making all colleagues aware of what to do in the event of; maintain high standards of hygiene, travelling abroad, experiencing symptoms, coming into contact with someone who has been infected or in the event of an outbreak within our offices should this occur 
  • Departmental action plans
  • Deep cleaning plans
  • Contact tracing
  • Increasing Service Level Agreements where possible to do so.
  • Visitor Health Screening is in place (incl. deliveries)
  • Travel restrictions in place for colleagues who are normally required to travel as part of their role supported by increased alternative communication channels i.e. Skype, conference calls email
  • Mental Health support for colleagues
  • Adopting flexible working arrangements (incl. working from home)
  • A communication plan to keeping our customers informed of any impact to our services offered.
  • Measures identified to provide alternative ways for our customers and suppliers to make contact to our teams.


Should the need arise to close our office/s, we are well-prepared with the necessary infrastructure in place so that all colleagues who use laptops/PCs can work from home likewise alternative ways of working within our warehouse facility to enable us to maintain business as usual.


Currently, we have taken the precautionary step to replace all external face to face meetings with alternative methods, i.e. Skype.


We shall continue to follow all government and Public Health England guidance to protect our business and maintain the wellbeing of our workforce at this time of unprecedented circumstances.


Bertram Group

13 March 2020


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