Time to Change: Bertram Group’s Pledge

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Time to Change is a campaign to change the way people think and act about mental health problems.
This week we have submitted our Time to Change Action Plan, which is the first step in completing Bertram Group’s pledge to end mental health discrimination in the workplace. Over 1,400 organisations, employing over 3 million people, have now signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge.
The Pledge and Action Plan support us to put in place best-practice interventions and policy to help our colleagues work in ways that promote positive mental wellbeing.
As part of the Action Plan, we featured some of the things we have already put in place over the past year in support of mental health wellbeing. These include:
  • Supporting training for colleagues to become accredited Mental Health First Aiders.
  • Running internal wellbeing campaigns such as Mindful May and Wellbeing Month last July, as well as supporting national events such as Time to Talk
  • Installing a Wellbeing display board on site
  • Publishing our Wellbeing Commitment and Mental Health First Aid Policy & Procedure
Now that we have submitted our Action Plan, Time to Change will review it and work with us on finalising our pledge to be officially signed in the coming months.


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