Welcome to the Bertline Support Knowledge Base

As of 1st June 2020 Bertline is now owned and operated by Batch.co.uk for the Bookselleres Association. Bertrams are working with Batch to ensure a smooth transition.

With immediate effect if you need Bertline support please email mail@batch.co.uk in the first instance. Batch will then coordinate providing support with Bertrams as required. 

On this page we have publishing interesting ‘How to’ articles, and answering Frequently Asked Questions which address the most common support questions we receive.

Frequently Asked Bertline Questions

Can I integrate Bertline with WooCommerce?

While there isn’t currently built in integration between Bertline and WooCommerce it is possible to run a report to export your stock and then import this into WooCommerce.

This video shows how one Bertline customer has achieved this:

If you need support with the data export reports please raise a support call with us using the details at the top of this page.

This example specfically shows how to achieve this using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, but a similar approach can be taken with other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Atnic etc.

NOTE: Please do not set-up your website site to serve images or other data directly from Bertrams.com, these are licensed from Nielsen Bookdata. If you need bibliographic data or jacket images for your website you need to obtain these from the publisher, or scan them yourself or we can put you in touch with Nielsen and get you the necassary license. 

How can I access the Bertline system in my store from home?

There are many commercial VPN options which can enable remote access to your store systems and network remotely.

It is important to consider that opening remote access brings with it a security risk that a hacker might discover how to use it to takeover your system. Therefore whatever form of remote access you set-up please make sure you are satisfied it is secure, always pick strong passwords and ideally use two factor authentication. Always make sure you have a good backup solution in place which stores backup images offline from your shops network.

Here is an example, free solution that has been set-up by a Bertline customer:

As above, this comes with a security health warning. This is a Google product and not eligable for Bertline support.

Also consider if you really need remote access. You can access Bertrams.com from home and place orders which will sync back into Bertline. You can also network Bertline accross stores so you can see another stores stock holding.

How do I fix, “Bertline has been unable to communicate with Bertrams for x days”

This is caused by running the wrong executable file, usually as a result of accidentally creating a short cut to the active Bertline session on the taskbar. 

Delete the short cut and make sure you are starting Bertline by running the Bertlauncher.exe program. 

Any Bertline stock take advice?

Always make a backup before you start.

Check with your accountant for any new requirements they may have regarding stock takes.

Our Bertline installers recommend KDC scanners. The software for these can be found at https://koamtac.com/wp-content/uploads/KTSync_Driver_Installer_V224.zip – This needs to have permissions allowed for the driver install when it asks.

Also it should be setup to download data as a text file, not excel which is the default and untick “Application data” and Tick “Delete data after download” and “Burst mode”

If you do a stock take with a Keyboard scanner you need to scan directly into a Bertline ISBN list (or text file on a laptop) and
then do a “Send To, Stock Take”. Be careful to only process each file once and only select clear stock take data for the 1st category and process no on the last category selecting “Full Stock Take”. 

Category Buttons Missing in Open Bravo Sales Screen

At the bottom of the Sales screen on the left you will see categories that are not assigned a parent category.

When you click on one then on the right you will see any child categories, plus any products set to display (see later for how to do this).

Be warned you can set a category as a child of itself, as shown below. This will stop it showing in the sales screen.

To resolve assign the correct parent or clear the parent.

Choosing Which Products to Show on the Open Bravo Sales

When you select a category in the Open Bravo sales screen it will show any products that are in that category that are set to show in catalog (American spelling).

This can either be changed individually in the Stock > Products screen by checking/unchecking the “In catalog” option on the Stock tab for the given product.

Or you can change it for all products in a given category through the Stock > Categories screen using the “Add to catalog” or “Remove from catalog”.

This can be combined with setting some products individually. For example if you only have a few products that you want to display, but a lot currently display then rather than turning off lots of products individually you can turn off all products in the category and then just set on the individual products the ones you want to show.

How to adding new payment methods to OpenBravo EPOS

You can add additional methods of payment to the Voucher tab in the payment screen. This adds additional options to the drop-down list where it says Voucher.

Download this PDF for full instructions.OpenBravo New Payment Methods

How to change reports to output to different formats / export data.

Bertline supports sending the output of custom reports to various formats. This document explains how to configure this functionality. 

Download this PDF for full instructions. Configure Bertline report output formats.

Relating Open Bravo and Bertline Categories

First check what departments you have assigned in Bertline. To do this go into Maintenance in Bertline which will show the below (buttons at the top may not have text labels depending on your configuration)

Click on Categories and check what values are already in use in the DEPT CODE column.

In Open Bravo select the Stock option which will display the below.

This will display the screen below. If you want to check which Bertline category/categories are associated with a given category the click on it and check the ID.

Any Bertline category with this value in the DEPT CODE column will be in this Open Bravo category.

For example in the case shown all Bertline categories go into Books (DEPT CODE 001).

If you want to assign a Bertline category to a new category in Open Bravo then first check what IDs you have assigned to existing Open Bravo categories.

You will need to use a value not already used. You only need to pay attention to IDs of 3 or less characters.

Create the category in Open Bravo using the yellow * on a page button.

Now delete what is in the ID field and replace it with an identifier up to 3 long that is not already in use and give a name to the category then save it (before saving you can pick an existing category in the drop to make it a child of that category).

Now go back to Bertline and edit the category to assign the new ID as the DEPT CODE for any categories you want to be part of that category.

You will now need to run the Open Bravo product refresh so that products are reassigned to their new Open Bravo categories.